The order to create a city bus on hydrogen fuel at the end of 2020 was given by President Vladimir Putin. “We must definitely continue, I ask you to keep this in mind as well, we have already dispersed them enough in the good sense of the word – are plans to use NGV fuel. It is imperative to take the next step and by 2023 make a city bus on a hydrogen carrier”.
Such ambitious tasks were set by the President of Russia for the country’s automotive industry.
“The next step in the development of energy efficient and environmentally friendly transport is the use of hydrogen fuel cells to generate electricity directly on the bus itself. There is no need for charging stations, where the main fuel is hydrogen,” – said Maxim Liksutov, head of the Moscow Department of Transport.
It was decided that such a complex and ambitious task of creating a Hbus will be solved by Engineering center Lipgart (GAZ Group and BMSTU).