The HARD-E mini loader is designed for use in construction, road, municipal areas, as well as in warehouses, airport facilities and for handling bulk materials One of the world’s first all-electric mini-loaders – HARD-E, developed by the Vympel […]
On September 7, 2021, Bauman Moscow State Technical University for the first time presented two new developments: the Citymax water bus together with GAZ Group and the KAMAZ-Hercules dump truck. The premiere took place within the framework of […]
More than 26 billion rubles can be invested from the National Welfare Fund (NWF). on the strategy for the development of electric and hydrogen transport in Russia. The government is already tackling the issue of launching hydrogen buses […]
The order to create a city bus on hydrogen fuel at the end of 2020 was given by President Vladimir Putin. “We must definitely continue, I ask you to keep this in mind as well, we have already […]