On September 7, 2021, Bauman Moscow State Technical University for the first time presented two new developments: the Citymax water bus together with GAZ Group and the KAMAZ-Hercules dump truck.

The premiere took place within the framework of the International Exhibition of Commercial Vehicles COMTRANS/2021 in Crocus Expo.

GAZ Group and Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Lipgart Engineering Center) have developed a hydrogen bus on the platform of a second-generation electric bus. The bus is refueled with hydrogen, the cylinders for which are located on the roof of the bus. Further, hydrogen fuel, entering the fuel cell, reacts with oxygen, followed by the release of electrical energy and water vapor. The hydrogen power plant can simultaneously provide power to the electric drive of the wheels and charge the traction battery installed on the roof. The battery capacity is 70 Ah (for comparison, there was 140 Ah on the electric bus). The batteries perform the functions of an on-board source of electrical power, the need for which depends on the driving conditions of the vehicle. The power reserve of the H2 water bus at one gas station is at least 350 km, so no more than one refueling is needed per day, even for the longest routes.

Citymax H2 is an absolutely eco-friendly transport, when operating its power plant, only water vapor is released into the atmosphere. The climate system is powered by on-board electricity sources, and the heat that is released during the operation of the hydrogen fuel cell is used in winter for heating the bus interior.

The design of the new eco-friendly transport uses the Russian control system of a hydrogen power plant, developed jointly by specialists of the A. A. Lipgart Engineering Center at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University and the Joint Engineering Center of the GAZ Group.

Citymax H2 is an eco-friendly urban low-floor bus, designed to carry at least 85 passengers. It is equipped with modern on-board security and driver assistance systems: blocking traffic in the absence of a driver and open doors, video surveillance cameras with a 360-degree view, an energy-efficient climate control system, a driver status monitoring system. The bus with a hydrogen power plant has a high level of unification with the serial components of the GAZ model range in order to effectively ensure the life cycle contract.