On September 7, 2021, Bauman Moscow State Technical University for the first time […]
The HARD-E mini loader is designed for use in construction, road, municipal areas, […]
More than 26 billion rubles can be invested from the National Welfare Fund […]
The order to create a city bus on hydrogen fuel at the end […]
main goal

Research and development of modern scientific and practical competencies at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, at automotive and tractor engineering enterprises in the field of creating wheeled vehicles with a high degree of automatization

Improving the educational process at Bauman Moscow State Technical University in teaching students as future employees of the industry; advanced training of employees of Universities and specialized industry organizations


Developing the electrical transport platforms

Developing on-board intelligent safety systems ADAS (advanced driver assistant system)

Developing electronic control units for cars

Developing software for electronic units

Developing software and hardware for unmanned vehicles

Development of telematic devices and services


Ebus GAZ

Electric bus uses the lithium-titanate batteries with ultra-fast charging, which takes 6 to 18 minutes. The modular type of batteries makes it possible to build an electric bus for a specific route. GAZ electric buses are comfortable and safe: smooth, quiet, environmentally friendly, equipped with CCTV cameras with a 360-degree view, a separate climate control system, USB chargers. The multiplex system allows to monitor more than 300 parameters of the electric bus online with the ability to transmit data to the dispatcher.


Ebus PAZ

PAZ electric bus designed by GAZ Group and BMSTU has a modern exterior and interior design, in line with the latest trends in the global bus industry. The new model uses the most modern materials and components. The “Accessible Environment” electric bus is ideal for urban routes with low passenger traffic. A low floor, an extended doorway, a spacious storage area with a specially equipped space for people with limited mobility, a mechanical ramp make the trip comfortable and safe for all categories of passengers.








lithium-ion batteries

The lithium-ion energy storage based on NMC technology allows a high degree of modularity and system flexibility. By equipping the storage modules with their own BMS (know-how), the possibilities for integrating the system into a vehicle become unlimited, providing access to information about each battery element. Advanced remote battery monitoring allows you to determine the optimal operating modes of the vehicle and ensure a high level of safety and a long system life cycle


Articulated ebus

The first low-floor articulated ebus in the GAZ Group. Due to the low floor level, spacious and modern interior, convenient storage areas, large passenger capacity (153 passengers), the bus is indispensable on routes with an intensive passenger traffic inherent in large cities. A new electrically adjustable driver’s place with modern displays makes it easier to work along the way.


Hydrobus GAZ

Citymax H2 is an absolutely eco-friendly transport, when operating its power plant, only water vapor is released into the atmosphere. In the design of the new eco-friendly transport, the Russian hydrogen power plant control system was used, developed by specialists of theLipgart Engineering Center (BMSTU) and the GAZ Group.


Electric mini-loader

One of the world’s first all-electric mini-loaders – HARD-E, developed by “Vympel” State Engineering Design Bureau JSC named after I.I. Toropov (part of the Tactical Missiles Corporation, KTRV) together with Lipgart BMSTU and Kurgandormash.

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